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DR Loren Rose


I am a general and paediatric ophthalmologist. I was born in Chile and immigrated with my parents when I was three. I am fluent in Spanish and my hobbies include music (of all sorts), running and spending time with family and friends.


I am actively involved in research and teaching at all levels of my medical field. I had the honour and pleasure to be part of the amazing charity group AHHA which travels to Cambodia every year to perform cataract surgeries. I did these from 2017 to 2019 and hope that after Covid restrictions we will be able to go back and help again soon. 

My current passion is in educating and further researching Myopia in children. In 2021, I completed my PhD titled Myopia Progression in Children and am part of various working groups to further educate the public and clinicians on myopia best management for this ever-increasing public health worldwide problem.


I completed my medical degree from the University of Sydney, graduating with MBBS (Honours). Prior to that, I completed a Bachelor of Science from the University of Sydney, graduating with Honours (Class I) in Visual Neuroscience. My resident years were at Concord Hospital.

I then completed my ophthalmic training at the Royal Eye and Ear Hospital in Victoria and following this, I underwent a fellowship in paediatric ophthalmology at the Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne.


I am also a Clinical Senior Lecturer at Macquarie University and have recently completed my PhD at Macquarie University titled Myopia Progression in Children in 2021.


I have a keen thirst for knowledge, which began before my medical career with my science degree and honours year in Neurophysiology. I have completed my PhD titled Myopia Progression in Children at Macquarie University. I am extensively involved in ongoing myopia research both at Macquarie University and in supervising various myopia projects with medical students at Macquarie University, optometry students at Canberra University and an Ophthalmic registrar accredited by RANZCO.

I was the Principal Investigator for a new multinational amblyopia trial based at Macquarie University Hospital.


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Presentations at Scientific Meetings

Rose L.V.T. Schulz, A. Graham, S. Optic disc morphology in juvenile myopia. 52 nd RANZCO virtual 2021 (identified as an Australian Vision Research (ORIA) recommended abstract)

Rose L.V.T. Schulz, A. Graham, S. Low Dose Atropine in juvenile myopia: 2 year outcomes utilizing a baseline axial length growth rate for guided initiation of treatment. WSPOS 2020

Rose L.V.T. Schulz, A. Graham, S. Optic disc tilt in myopic children. RANZCO 51st Annual Scientific Congress. 2019

Rose L.V.T. Schulz, A. Graham, S. Low Dose Atropine Intervention in the Management of Juvenile Progressive Myopia. AAPOS 2019

Yearly presentations at Special Interest Paediatric Ophthalmology 2007-2019

Rose L.V.T Learning difficulties. RANZCO 40th Annual Scientific Congress. 2008

Rose L.V.T, Rose NT, Elder JE, Thorburn DR, Boneh A. Ophthalmological manifestations in oxidative phosphorylation disorders of childhood. RANZCO 39th Annual Scientific Congress. 2007

Rose, L.V.T., J. Elder. Management of Congenital elevation deficiency. RANZCO Squint Club Meeting, 2006

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Tevah, L.V., FitzGibbon, T., and Sefton, A.J. Photic responses of the LGN as a stereotaxic guide for micropipette placement. Proc. Aust. Neuroscience Soc. 1993; 4:126.


Alongside research, teaching is my ongoing passion. I supervise accredited ophthalmic trainees in the public hospital and in my private rooms. I enjoy regular teaching talks to orthoptists, optometrists and GPs.


VMO teaching at Westmead Children Hospital clinics and operating            2023-present

Simulator surgery trainer RANZCO                                                                 2022

Neurophysiology lecturer to basic science Macquarie University                   2017

Clinical teaching in private practice - accredited trainees in 1st year            2011-present

VMO training position at Bankstown Hospital, clinics and operating             2007-present

       accredited RANZCO trainees in 2-5 years of training                                                

Tutor, Physiology Department, University of Sydney.                                     1993-1996

       Basic physiology - Dentistry II, Medical Science II, III and Pharmacy II.

       Neuroscience physiology - Medicine III.

Tutor, Women’s College, University of Sydney.                                              1994-1996

       Basic physiology - Medical Science III and Pharmacy II.

Private tutor, physiology                                                                                1994-1995

Neuroanatomy tutor, Anatomy Department, University of Sydney                 1992

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