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Alongside research, teaching is my ongoing passion. I supervise accredited ophthalmic trainees in the public hospital and in my private rooms. I enjoy regular teaching talks to orthoptist, optometrists and GPs.


Simulator surgery trainer RANZCO                                                       2022


Neurophysiology lecturer to basic science Macquarie University         2017


Clinical teaching in private practice - accredited trainees in 1st year  2011-present


VMO training position at Bankstown hospital clinics and operating    2007-present

       accredited RANZCO trainees in 2-5 years of training                                                

Tutor, Physiology Department, University of Sydney.                           1993-1996

       Basic physiology - Dentistry II, Medical Science II, III and Pharmacy II.

       Neuroscience physiology - Medicine III.


Tutor, Women’s College, University of Sydney.                                      1994-1996

       Basic physiology - Medical Science III and Pharmacy II.


Private tutor, physiology                                                                         1994-1995


Neuroanatomy tutor, Anatomy Department, University of Sydney           1992

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